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Tai Chi, Kung Fu, & Qi Gong

I began my Kung Fu training in the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form in 1984 with my Shrfu
Glenn Gurman, while I was in college. Under Shrfu Gurman I studied Yang Style and Chen Style Tai Chi as well as Ba Gua Zhang, Northern Shaolin and Wing Chun and weapons sets. I also learned the Tai Chi Qi gong form as part of that system and the Ba Duan Jin or (Eight Silken Brocades).

I currently teach a Yang style Tai Chi class in Corinth, Vt at the Corinth Town Hall on Wednesday evenings from  6:30-8:00.
I am also available for private lessons. If you are interested in a class or lessons please feel free contact me.

Tai Chi is a martial art or (kung fu system) that originated in China. It is best know as a exercise for health and flexibility in the west. Chen Style was the original form from Chen Village, Yang Style is the most common form people are familiar with. Tai Chi has a number of health benefits including improved balance, circulation, flexibility and calming the mind.  Most people don't think of it as a martial system but it is rooted in the kung fu lineages of China and includes both empty hand and weapons forms such as double edged sword, broad sword and spear or staff.  It's characteristic slow and flowing motions conceal the strength and intention required for mastery. It is however a gentle exercise that can be practiced for a lifetime at any age.

Qi Gong (kung)

Is a term that means to move or direct energy (qi) with practice.
There are many Qi Gong forms that focus on different systems in the body but they all share the foundation of mental focus (intention) and breath. Some forms are hard or have tension and other are completely relaxed with minimal muscular effort. Some forms use only the breath and the mind to move qi.

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