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My Financial Policy:

My goal is to serve people who need and want my care to that end I do not want money to be the deciding factor for receiving treatment if I think acupuncture and Chinese Medicine will be helpful.
I work with people on a sliding scale to accommodate their current financial needs.

Cancellation policy: I ask for a 24-hour notice of cancellation of an appointment or there may be a charge for last-minute cancellations.

Insurance coverage: Currently some insurances may cover some acupuncture treatments depending on your plan. Medicare and Medicaid do not currently cover acupuncture. The VA does cover acupuncture through the Community Care program, prior approval is required. BCBS Federal also covers acupuncture.


Initial Consultation: Free

Initial consultation and treatment : $90.00

Regular treatment: $80.00

Herbal Medicine consultation: $35.00 plus herbs

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