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Balance & Prevention

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Balance: The Key To Your Health

As in nature, your body is in a constant state of fluctuation as it tries to balance many internal and
external forces. Your health depends on maintaining internal homeostasis (the complex balance of all your bodily functions including thoughts and emotions). When that balance is disrupted for any reason- poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, overwork, not enough rest, trauma, injury, emotional issues- your health is affected. Therefore, in order to return the body to a harmonious state, some form of help is usually necessary to encourage the body's natural healing process.



Proper nutrition is the best way to stay healthy.
Our food is the best medicine we can take. Used
properly, it can correct most imbalances in our systems. A poor diet, on the other hand, is often the cause of many diseases.


Prevention & Your Health


The body also needs a variety of physical activities if
it is to stay strong and flexible. Exercise is also essential for cleaning and lubricating our bodies.



Rest and relaxation are also required to balance our
periods of activity. Sleep ensures that our bodies and minds have time to rebuild and repair tissues that may have become damaged or stressed and allows our minds to rest as well.

If these three things are kept in balance, you can avoid the need for most other types of medicine.
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